It was many years ago when I was very impressed after my visit to Czech Republic. I decided to live in Praque and with this decision spread my CVs to as many directions as I can. Then I had an interview with an HR person who was Czech and working for American company. We were talking about an hour and he was so impressed (or just satisfied) with my professional skills that made an invitation to the next interview with another Czech man who worked in IT-department.

Second interview was successful for me too and this IT-man invited me to the last interview with American person who will make a final decision. After these first interviews I was very proud of my English language skills. Two hours I was talking with guys from Czech and we were understanding each other very well.

Guys from Comedy Club playing with “different English” languages theme.

So the day had come. We start to talk. The connection was very bad. American guy asked me a couple of questions and here I was bursting out with words, sentences and phrases. About my skills, experience, projects, hobbies etc. Words that came out from me flow as a stream – freely and easily. I was speaking, speaking and speaking… And I feel how good my English is. After half an hour I suddenly remembered that the guy on the other side can have a wish to say something too. I stoped and had heard from him: “Ummm… it was… very interesting…”. And here I understood that he understood almost nothing of what I said. Partly because of bad connection but mainly becase of different “English” we were both speaking.

Travelling around the world I realized that it’s easy for me to understand “Arabic” English but difficut “Chinese”, “Indian” and “Vietnamese” variants. And very, very difficult to understand English in remote places of Scotland.