Greece2009-faceI’m Alexander Shevchenko. In the world we are all living in I’m playing, as each of us, many roles in different fields of human activity. For example:


I’m a programmer and architect working in advertising seller company in Moscow, Russia. And…. it’s so good company that I can’t leave it more than 10 years. I know the theory about job changing every 3 years and often thinking how awful my situation from this point of view. But it’s really good company that’s not easy to leave. With IT-department consists of as much as 150+ people. May be 200+ already.

Shortly I’m working on big project that uses such technologies, frameworks, libraries etc. as C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, DevExpress and much other stuff around it.


It’s luck for me to be surrounded by beautiful women.

My wife Elena who happily is a psychologist. It’s doubtly there is any other person who could bear me so long time.
Elder daughter Evgenia is 18 years old. She has just started to study English at the university and I hope she will correct mistakes in my posts soon.
Amalia – my youngest – is growing and make us happy with all the efforts 4 years old child can do to make us happy.
And of course Nora – dachshund, our first dog, who aroused love to animals in me. I’m already thinking to be a vegetarian.


All my life I was interesting in different things. Sport is the main direction in almost all my hobbies. I became Master of Sports (a high degree in Russian sporting awards scale) in swimming in 16 years.

2014-08-04-013-volleyNow it’s yoga. There were board hockey, cards manipulations, skiing, volleyball, theatre, fussball and many others before. But two things are main for last several years: beach volley and bicycle tourism. I like to do strange things as climbing with bicycle to mountains higher than 4500m – 5000m in Tibet, Indian Himalayas and Tajikistan. Riding through Iran, Syria, Middle Atlas in Marocco, Vietnam and other countries. Site about our trips is http://velotrips.ru (in Russian).

As for beach volley… I can play it every day many hours… But the weather allow to do this only 4 months in a year.

Disclaimer: You know what you will see here but nonetheless I have to say the phrase (taken somewhere): This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employers.